Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses

Welcome to Southern Women Grow Tomatoes. It has brought to my attention that I go through life looking through rose colored glasses. And my response is, then what color should my glasses be?

I hope that we can wear rose colored glasses, maybe even if it’s just for the moment you join me here. Together we will go into the garden and get dirty and bring new life into that dirt we submerge ourselves in. Then lets put on those party clothes, kick on some snappy shoes, do our hair as if it reaching for the heavens above, and laugh drink and be happy. Our home is the safe place you go to when in need of security, so lets make it the best we can with what we are given.

Together we will DIY, dig and drink and by all means decorate a thing or three. So come on in, kick your shoes off and put on those bunny slippers and lets have a grand time.


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