Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Welcome to Southern Women Grow Tomatoes. Please come in and make yourself at home while I tell you a little about myself.

I am the proud mama of a 22 year old daughter, who is married to a wonderful hardworking man. I have 2 grand babies so far, (hopefully more soon). A boy who is 3 years old and a girl who is 1.5 months old. 

My daughter is my first love, my grandson is my heart , and my granddaughter is the beat of my heart. With all this love I am truly blessed and grateful for this life. 

My grandma is my inspiration for the gardening on this blog. I would spend hours walking in her garden on the paths filled with pea gravel. We would spend endless amounts of time talking about plants and how to take care of the pests and diseases of the garden. She had a gorgeous vegetable and fruit garden, every year she grew tomatoes.  I told my grandma one year that I wasn’t fond of tomatoes and she said, “All women have tomatoes in the garden. Whether you like them or not. “ So I now always grown tomatoes and give them away every year. 

My momma’s family threw the greatest parties. Lots of family, lots of children and babies and plenty of friends. The hum of adults chatting and the laughter of children playing was a staple at these galas. The plates perfectly set at the adult table with lovely flowers and the children’s table full of whimsy and fun. I looked forward to these kinds of parties but now they have started to disappear, so it’s time to bring them back!

My home. I live in a ranch style house that is in the shape of a horse shoe, so I think that makes it lucky. I think of my style of decor as glamour farmhouse. I love the style of shabby chic with sparkle,  but farmhouse as well with the Metal and rustic decor. Mixing the two compliments each other perfectly, appearing as a collection over time even if you just accumulated and decorated last week. 

Please come in and see what I have to offer.  While here please fill out the email contact information and sign up for my blog so we can take this journey together. 

Thank you for visiting and have a blessed day. ❤️



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