Setting a Spring Table with Melamine

Ahhh…. Spring. The season when all things renew and give their owner a color filled show. A chance for new beginnings and starting fresh.

Spring is the introduction to Summer and the outdoor entertaining season. They are more like sisters with Spring being the younger sister and Summer being the older of the two. And with Spring, you take out the Melamine.

So, we all have some memory of a barbecue a while ago, a long while ago, back where there was Melamine. Usually a drab color, or something with watermelons, maybe beach themed, or so bold and busy that you wondered who in their right mind said, ” hey, I like this!”

Also with Melamine it was either so thin it cracked when you put any sort of food on it. Or was some kind of soft plastic that when you used a knife the plate was shaved and a piece of the plate came with your food.

Well I hate to disappoint you darlin!! But Melamine is making a comeback and she is now the belle of the ball, making a statement whenever she shows. No longer made of subpar materials. They are made with strength, go ahead put that rack of ribs and tater salad on the same plate. Use a real knife and not that plastic knife that can’t cut butter, and that plate will look as good as the day you bought it. Drop her on the floor, I dare you to drop her outside on the cement! Yep let her go and she goes down like a champ and keeps the form strong. Little kids are good to go with this plate ware.

So let’s take a look at some of the Spring Table settings I have whipped up, and remember this is Melamine. The plates, bowls, cups and wine glasses.

Okey so this pretty setting has matching Chinoiserie plates. I choose to go with matching the salad and dinner plate because the are so pretty. In between the plates is the napkin, to add a more casual flair and the little birds nest with eggs top it off. The silverware is a reproduction of a vintage design I found on Amazon and the placemat, a natural fiber white wash came from Home Goods. The plates are from Overstock. I went with plain glasses so that they didn’t take away focus of the plates. I think she’s pretty snappy for Melamine.

With this happy little setting there is the same natural placemat. (I like to purchase things that can be used for multiple settings, saving money on the budget in the end.) Then there is a pink charger with punch outs and lace like outter rim. This was purchased at Micheal’s. The bottom plate is a grey color with a box weave print to add some texture. Then, we have a pink plate for salads with a faux sponge technique. The napkin again placed between these two plates added a casual feel, to what could easily become a more formal engagement. On top there is a cream bread plate and a pink bowl, holding some Salted Caramels.

The silverware is vintage with a Bakelite handle and I added a butter knife, well because I had them and who doesn’t like bread.

The small juice glass is pink with little bunnies, the beverage glass is the plain glass from before, and the wine glass is tinted with pink again. When it is all set together I like color and texture variations that are pleasing to the eye and then the colors become somewhat soothing.

Just a honorable mention on centerpieces. The center piece should either be low enough to see the person across the table, or the vase base needs to be tall enough and thin enough you can see your partner without falling out of your chair because you had to lean. Best way to judge this is sit in the chair and check it out. I like using either faux flowers, sometimes real flowers have a scent that competes with the smell of the food. Or I will use a natural element like lemons, I am lucky enough to have a very busy, large and happy Lemon Meyer tree. So I take some candles and surround the candles with the lemons, burning the candles warms the lemons enough to add a very faint citrus smell. Citrus tells the brain that what it is experiencing is fresh and new.

So I find Melamine in a few places. I have a minimalist budget so I am a bargain girl. I look at places like Target, Walmart, Pier One Imports, Wayfair, Overstock, Home Goods, Joann Fabrics and Micheals Craft stores. If you shop Wayfair check with Overstock, they tend to have the same items but different prices. Finally I look at Frontgate. Okey they are on the higher end of the dollar, but they have amazing sales and you get their products at reasonable prices. Get on the email lists for these places and you’ll be alerted to all the sales. And finally remember stores are one season ahead. So start shopping Spring items at the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring for the best selections.

Well I hope our walk down Spring lane has given you some ideas and has you giving Melamine a chance. Have a blessed and beautiful day.


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