Adding interest to the Garden

When adding interest beside the flowers and greenery to a garden, you adding the jewels that make a garden sparkle. Your sparkle could be an arbor, lights, fencing, bird baths, or any kind of interest gives the garden that little ump.

In this photo I added a baby headboard from a crib as a fence. It has a chippy white look to the iron with little finials in to of each post. The design adds movement and interest to the vertical lines in this area.

I added up lights to show off the red fountain grass at night as well as the path lights. I prefer to have solar lights to minimize the need to have hard wire dug into the dirt. And behind the grass there is a bird bath if you look really hard.

I love chandeliers. I have several in my house and am slowly moving to have several in the garden.

This chandelier hangs from the top of the arbor over the roses and below is that baby headboard fence. I have placed solar lights in place of the glass lights, to once again prevent having to have the light hardwired. At night when the chandelier lights come on from above and the other lights come in from below, it creates a lovely flood of light that is entertaining to the eye.

Bird baths are an excellent way to add interest to the garden. I have my grandmothers bird bath in the back, the concrete green one. And in the front there is an adorable little white one with baby birds. In both bird baths I have placed several rocks for the bees and flying friends to rest and have a little drink.

I like that I placed the larger bath in the back and the white one a little under the green bath to give the illusion of a waterfall effect that has gone dry. And if one day I decide to put the waterfall to work the placement is complete.

I have white iceberg roses growing all around this and will mature into a lovely little area. With a few more lights this area will dance in the moonlight as well.

And in this area I have a where house pallet holding some planters.

It would be easy to just place the planters on top of the rock, but this pallet adds height and some interest to an otherwise boring vignette.

The pallet is old wood with iron legs and iron framing to hold it all together. This pallet weighs a couple hundred pounds to holding these plants is breeze and is in no danger of flipping over.

I placed some Olive Trees, Lavender, Margarite Daisy, and Shasta Daisy in this space. It is still waiting to be dressed with lights fora night show that would add to the beauty of this space.

How would you add lights to this garden area?

In this space, which is my favorite is a daybed with another chandelier, table and lots of pillows and blankets.

This area could be used to relax and take in the garden sounds or to sit and have some ice tea. The big fluffy pillows are beckoning someone to have a sit down, grab a blanket and take an afternoon nap.

Hanging the crystal chandelier from the tree gives the space a nice sparkle and adds a little femininity to it. The flowers behind the Day bed are strung on some monofilament line.

When adding some architectural elements or sparkle to the garden all that matters is that is reflects you. If you stay true to yourself and your style then your garden will be perfect just like you are.


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