Setting a Table for Spring with Melamine

Ahh, Spring. It brings forth the memories of days gone by, running through the long grassy fields, bbq’s, flowers, and gardens. Spring is so much more then this just to name a few. The window to all that is reborn and renewed to the world.

With Spring comes, so do the beautiful pastel colors that have the softer side of Spring and those bright colors that beckons your attention. Which ever colors you are drawn to they are right at home in Spring.

When it comes to setting a Spring Table for entertaining or just to have something pretty on the table to look at, I am drawn to the pastels. Sometimes I am monochromatic with the dishes and then there are times that mixing things up is a nice visual aide to rest my eyes on. Whichever you have chosen go with it, be bold, be brave, but most of all be you.

In this article we will be featuring Melamine. For those of us who are not familiar, or think it is a cheap fuddy duddy, type of dinnerware, look again it has grown up and changed its’ appearance. No longer your great grandma’s flimsy, don’t put that on it, oh dear it’s gonna crack and land on the ground or on your shoe dinnerware. It is a practically indestructible hard plastic. It now comes in beautiful colors and patterns, has a heavier weight and feels more like the breakable dinnerware we are now using.

In my place setting above I used a beautiful patterned chinoiserie with pastel colors that I am naturally drawn to. I used the same pattern for both the salad and dinner plate to make it a little more formal then a casual bbq, but by all means still the light and airy Spring Table setting for entertainment.

I placed the napkin in between the salad and dinner plate to give this a less formal setting and only used 1 set of silverware avoiding having to count your silverware for each course.

The placemat is a natural fiber with a white wash effect that aided in the simplicity of this gathering. I only place the plates on this mat to avoid everything feeling to confined, and placed everything else on the table itself.

My glasses, yes they are Melamine as well! I like it the fact that with these having no pattern can be used at any setting and fit right in. One for water and one for beverages.

My favorite part of this setting are those adorable little nests! The three little eggs set in an adorable nest is the perfect decoration that says, ” hello, Spring!” Each setting receives one of these nests and when the salad course is brought out the plate with the nests are removed, due to there being some foliage from the decor.

The centerpiece is kept casual with Meyer Lemons and candles. When the candles start to burn the heat from the flame sets a lovely aroma of citrus in the air.

In is the next Spring Table setting I have mixed the plate colors and textures, still though using Melamine.

My spirit colors are pink and grey. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan of pink with grey and her best friend. And it just so happens that Spring loves pink as well. Yay!

In this Spring table setting I used the same place mats as before, (going neutral with mats allows them to be used for multiple settings stretching that budget.)

The plates are multiple colors consisting of pink, grey, cream, and beige. The chargers are a Melamine pink with some 3D decorations. The bottom plate is a light grey with a basket weave on the rim to add even more texture. The pink plate has a pretty edge, and the cream has a lovely sway to her lines. The little pink cup houses yummy Salted Carmel’s , to tempt those sweet tooth’s after the meal.

The glasses on this setting, Melamine again, have a pink glass with little bunnies, a pink wine glass, and the clear beverage glass. The silverware is a vintage Bakelite with a pretty pattern. I added the bread knife here, well because I love bread so it needed something special for the spread on the bread.

The center pieces are faux flowers in ceramic urns, making them reusable for multiple things, in multiple places. Keeping the overall budget reasonable. The table runner is used for all the settings in this article due to its versatility and springy colors.

Price for Melamine can range from $.99 per piece to $8.00 per piece, depending on your budget. For me personally, I have a regular job, and have a budget, tend to find things in the $2.00 range per piece. I like to shop Home Goods, Wayfair, $.99 store, Target, Walmart, Frontgate, (they have great sales), and Pier One. On a side note Overstock seems to have the same thing as Wayfair, but at a higher price.

Well I hope this helps with your outlook on Melamine and give it another chance, you’ll love it!